this year will be the 10 th summer academy on designing a sustainable build environment. When we started out in 2006 the participants were mostly students of architecture. With last year’s summer academy we had the first time students of related engineering disciplines participating. Typically a teamwork approach including architects and engineers sets out with the architects developing ideas and the engineers following up on those ideas and eventually make them work.

designing a sustainable building though is challenging this setup to a large degree. We therefore reframed the assignment and got engineers and architects into an equal starting position. Reflecting the very reason: why build in the first place? Building space has a lot to do with generating space, protected and comfortable.

this, for the following design sessions lead to reframing of the assignment. The challenge to be met was to create a space which addresses those needs. The program of the building therefore had a lot more to do to create an envelope for a suitable environment.

with this requirement in mind climate change became the challenge for architects and engineers to address. As Stéphane Hallegatte once concluded: in the future buildings will have be able to function along with the changing climate. Climate is no more considered a static condition but a dynamic situation which will show affects within a lifetime of a building.

this more than ever complex design environment was to be structured by using the relationship of the building to solar radiation and light. We looked into designing the envelopes for buildings of an already existing master plan to provide sufficient daylight without the drawback of overheating.

this summer we will follow this idea and design roof extensions on top of apartment houses of the 60’ies

the workshop is an open platform encouraging students and faculty alike to post projects and ideas related to the topic particularly at our blog site or to engage with participates on face book.

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the workshop will run from June 8th until July 7th and will include design charrettes, research seminars, site tours, lectures, and discussions all related to architecture, and planning.

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